Simply Be for the curvy but fabulous!


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Printed jacketI was mooching around Liverpool yesterday when I stumbled upon a Simply Be shop, Continue reading


Melty Buttery Shortbready Cookies


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Shortbread 187MMMMMMM DAMN THOSE COOKIES LOOK FINE! Continue reading

Slimming = Winning


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I am currently on a Slimming World diet… Continue reading

OxBloooooooooooood Mwahaha


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Halloween is upon us so I thought I would share my new-found love for the spoooooky Oxblood colour that is popping up everywhere. Continue reading

Liverpool Cathedral


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Now, I am not the most religious of people (in fact I am 100% atheist) but when I had a chance to see Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral this morning, I was pretty excited. Continue reading

Rocking the Baroque

You will soon learn that I don’t really know much about current trends or what is going on in Summer 2015, however I do know things I like and things that (hopefully) look good on me and those with a completely (and more dressable) shape to me. Sometimes I cross paths with the current trends and othertimes I think I am excited by past trends that are long gone.

I am loving all the Baroque style patterns that are about at the moment, and here is a selection of my favourites, ranging from fancy wear to more casual ones.

Looks so fancy, maybe need a bit more tailoring for the larger lady for full flattery

Baroque Embellished Midi Shift Dress

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Lights, Camera (Blog) ACTION!!!!

It is a cold blustery day, and I am sitting in an office in Liverpool (not my normal haunt). Twiddling my thumbs and thinking about food….

ussels and Sweet Pot Fries

Mussels and Sweet Pot Fries

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