About: The wonder that is Bethany Beatrix

The Wonder is, how can one person think so much about food in one day??

I don’t know but it is true, I love food, I love thinking about new recipes, old recipes, places to go, places I have been, planning meals in my head and who I can convince to join me in a fantastical feast. I am not even discriminative against healthy feasts, give me a wonderful salad or a protein rich meal and I am more than happy, just as long as I have food in my life.

In this blog I am hoping to keep you updated on what is going on in my life, whether I am cooking something or eating something or trying out yet another diet. There will also be non-food tidbits to give our stomachs and (hopefully) drooling mouths a rest.

So munch on in and see if I can tempt you.



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