You will soon learn that I don’t really know much about current trends or what is going on in Summer 2015, however I do know things I like and things that (hopefully) look good on me and those with a completely (and more dressable) shape to me. Sometimes I cross paths with the current trends and othertimes I think I am excited by past trends that are long gone.

I am loving all the Baroque style patterns that are about at the moment, and here is a selection of my favourites, ranging from fancy wear to more casual ones.

Looks so fancy, maybe need a bit more tailoring for the larger lady for full flattery

Baroque Embellished Midi Shift Dress

Looks fancy, maybe need a bit more tailoring for the larger lady for full flattery.

This one I spied on a fellow bloggers page, she of course was rocking it out…The Londoner

As seen from TheLondoner.

This next one, I think would be a good day time look, with some thick tights to keep out the chill and a big old wine red hat!

Lavish Alice Baroque

If your worried about your thighs with a mini dress like this, then invest in some good (anti-jiggle!) control tights in thick black.

High Neck Lace Mesh T

Not sure how this will look on, but I am definitly intrigued, either wear it with a contrast colour underneath, black or be truly daring with nothing but a little (in my case massive and sturdy) black bra underneath.

I am very sad about this next item, as a larger lady I should never really get involved in shorts, but I am a lover of playsuits although I do not own any…strong willed perhaps. BUT I LOVE THIS:

Josy Baroque Collared Playsuit

Now if I had those legs, I would be in the playsuits all day! Love the collar and long sleeves. And with a pattern as bold as that you don’t need any flashy accessories.

Well that is a quick peek at what I have been yearning after, any outfits you guys like or want, or just some hatemail, chuck them in the comments box below!