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I am currently on a Slimming World diet… wait let me start that again, I SHOULD be on a Slimming World diet but work has rather got in the way, being catered for is lovely but not very diet friendly.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to summarise some of my top SW easy treats and snacks.


Yummy Slimming World Treats

Yummy Slimming World Treats

These are basically the easiest and lowest in syn treats/snacks to eat and keep around the house or tucked in your bag for emergencies.

The Kellogg’s special K bars count as one of your healthy extra’s for the day, so I sometimes save my healthy extra and have one instead of a chocolate bar-they have chocolate flavours too.

Mug shot’s are a great emergency warming snack that I sometimes have if my lunch isn’t quite enough. Most of the noodle ones are free but be careful as some can be 3 syns.

Hartley’s 10 cal Jellies are 1/2 a syn per pot, and they have a lot of interesting flavours available. I am on the hunt for their watermelon and apple one.

I think Muller Lights are such a big part of most SW dieters and they are now even better having fabulous designs by Julian MacDonald. Just gives them that little bit of extra sass!

Julien MacDonald - Toffee

Julien MacDonald – Toffee

I also discovered turkish delight and after dinner mint flavours which I adore and replace my need for something bad after dinner!

SO that is my little SW round-up for the week.

Any hints or tips?