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Why yes they do and they taste even better! I thought I had better make some treats this weekend (SORRY SLIMMING WORLD) and happened upon this recipe by Mr Paul Hollywood. I have adapted it slightly and I think even Mr Hollywood would have to agree with me that it takes it to a whole new level of yumminess….perhaps.

I halved the recipe suggested and this made around 12 cookies

Shortbread 105

So what you need is:

115g unsalted butter, softened (pretty much half a regular block)

55g caster sugar

115g plain flour (not self raising)

55g cornflour

Pinch of salt

Chocolate chunks (I used white and dark)

Vanilla essence


Cut up your butter, chuck it in a bowl and stir it around with a wooden spoon bashing it a bit to get out any lumps, till it goes all nice and smooth.

Shortbread 115

Then add your sugar.

Shortbread 119Shortbread 130





Stir it all together till your mixture is all fluffy and smooth. Add a few drops of vanilla essence

Shortbread 131Now to add the flour, cornflour and salt, I mixed those 3 together first before adding it to the main bowl. Mix these together so it looks like this…

Shortbread 143Shortbread 153






I stopped here before it turned fully into dough so I could add my super yummy bits.

Grab your chocolate and cut it up messily into chunks.

Shortbread 151Oh yeah! I hope you are dribbling right now

Add the chocolate to the bowl and keep mixing

Shortbread 154At this point I got dirty and used my hands to form it into a ball of dough. The spoon couldn’t quite hack it.

Shortbread 156

If you wanted you could stop here and have a great time eating cookie dough!

I however persevered and continued on in my baking quest.

My kitchen was rather warm after cooking this beast of a sunday roast…

Shortbread 159

Hot Rare Beef Joint and Fluffy Homemade Yorkies!

SO as the kitchen was warm my dough was rather buttery and sticky, so I stuck my dough into the fridge for 30 mins to get a bit firmer.

Whilst you are waiting grease two trays with a bit of butter.

Shortbread 113Now grab your cookie dough ball and place it between 2 sheets of baking parchment, then roll it out to about 1cm ish thick.

Shortbread 166Shortbread 168





Then grab a cookie cutter or knife and bust out some shapes! Stars of course-closest I could get to fireworks!

Shortbread 171Shortbread 172





I had rather over chocolate chunked my dough so I had to push really hard into the dough to cut through the chunks and give a good shape–a metal cookie cutter may have come in handy here!

Keep clumping together the offcuts of dough and re-rolling till you have used all the mixture up.

Shortbread 173Place your shapes onto those pre-greased trays, and pop them back into the fridge to firm up again.

Shortbread 174Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Once the cookies are firm enough – I think I wasnt patient enough with mine so they did go a bit blobby in the oven – place them in the oven and let them cook for between 15-20 mins. This will all depend on the size and thickness of your cookies how long you want to keep them in, but keep an eye on them so they don’t burn.

Shortbread 178Take them out of the oven and after waiting for about a min for the cookies to firm up slightly, slide them onto a cooling rack. Sprinkle sugar on them if you wish!

Shortbread 183TA-DAH!!!!!!


Shortbread 188Shortbread 187Shortbread 180



Have you done any baking this weekend? or know of an even better shortbread recipe?